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We know customers, and we know your customers.

What’s between you and results? It seems like a straightforward journey - pick an agency, produce content, get placing, reach customers. Sell them stuff. The thing is though, for the modern marketer, these choices are seemingly endless. Which agency? What content? Where to place it? And will they be watching? Every potential answer contributes to a thick veil of clutter between you and your customer that obscures each forward step. We call it “the fog” - and it’s only getting thicker. As a decision maker, the responsibility placed on you to navigate this successfully is immense.

At Magnesium, we’re familiar with the fog. We’ve studied it, amassed data on it, and with a scientific approach, we’ve equipped ourselves with a tool that cuts right through it. An algorithm driven model that lights a clear path straight to your customer. Straight to results.

We know customers. And we know your customers. Who they are, where they are, and what they’re watching. Our Success-as-a-Service model cuts through the fog, and our end-to-end integration of strategy, creative, production, and media will take you every step of the way to the sale.

Our way has always been to innovate. We bring a scientific approach because we know that data, when used with intelligence, can focus and amplify advertising creativity. We go end-to-end because it is the combination of our science and our creativity that delivers the win. Big time. Success can seem arbitrary - even unfair - to those who don’t understand it. It’s knowing what to do, what decisions to make, and the outcomes of actions that really sets you apart. Success is not an accident. To succeed, you need to turn the unfair into an advantage and to do this, you need a winning formula.

Lucky for you, we have it.

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